Viele Visionen. Ein Ziel.





Ich habe ein abgeschlossenes Germanistikstudium und studiere noch an der Universität Wien, und zwar Slawistik sowie Lehramt Deutsch - Russisch, um bestens für die Arbeit in der Aus- und Weiterbildung gewappnet zu sein.




ing. Wolfgang Drs - Mathematik


Seit 2004 als Lehrender tätig und Mitautor bei einem HTL-Mathematikbuch




Dipl.-Volksw. mag. WOLFGANG A. ENGEL - BETRIEBSWIRTSCHAFT & Rechnungswesen


Universitäts- und Fachhochschul-Lektor

selbständiger Unternehmensberater

Coach und Trainer

Bestseller-Autor „Trojanisches Marketing®“ I & II


Unterrichtet seit zwei Jahren bei bit Wien BWL und Rechnungswesen




M.Litt Rod Pritchard-Smith - englisch


I am a native born Brit who has lived and worked in Austria for many years. I studied Humanities at college before starting a career as an English teacher. My teaching travels have taken me far and wide: to China, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and Austria. I enjoy teaching on the Matura course because it gives me the opportunity to come into contact with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. I believe I can get the best out of my students and help them realize their potential.




Mag. lic. Magdalena Purska - englisch


My name is Magdalena and apart from being a full time mommy of two small kids, I am a dedicated English teacher (MA in English language and linguistics). I chose teaching as my career path many years ago because teaching is important to me for endless reasons.

Each class I have the unique opportunity to inspire my students and even get inspired myself. Teaching is learning. Teaching is enriching. Teaching is challenging and it is trying in unimaginable ways.    

I am very pleased to be part of that particular Matura project because I have already met my students and they are highly motivated!




MAG.A anna serpa - englisch


English teacher, Masters in Education and Linguistics, graduated in English language and literature and more than 25 years of experience and specialization on adult education. In the last BRP Matura, 93% of the students passed their exam, being 90% from this group with grade 3. My students' results speak for my work: quality and commitment.